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Posted by foreualways on July 19, 2008


I just thought I would shoot the shit with you all (hi Teri). Since you Teri are my only friend on here, I guess I am talking to you as well as anybody who may decide to come aboard at a later date.

I wanted to combine a some writing with some pictures, so I’ve included this picture of my three grandchildren. No it not a current photo…..

Starting from the left there Brianna my oldest granddaughter, then Malori in the front center and there my only grandson Tristan.

They’ve grown up soo much and I don’t get enough time with any of them, especially the girls. Brianna get upset when she doesn’t get her way and wants to go home, but for the first 15 – 30 minutes she a joy to be around. Malori,I really don’t know her that well. I believe she doesn’t even know who I am let alone know that I am her grandfather. I never spent enough time with her, maybe that will change someday before it too late!
Tristan, he my little angel, he come into my / our life at a time when I no longer wanted to breath and I believe he was sent by GOD himself as a angel. Because he saved me when no one else could! I am soo close to him, closer then I am too my other two grandchildren, but he lived with us since he was born, so naturally I would be closer to him!

Next we have a photo of my daughter and grandson…

Shauna and Tristan at the hospital on his birthday

Shauna and I have had our share of troubles, but I remember when she was born and I was truly the happiest man in the universe at that time. She was like what her son, Tristan is to me now. We were soo close, daddy’s little girl, no doubt. Then she grew up before she grew up, found life and boys and friends and trouble too and I’ve been put away…
Here a quote from a favorite movie of hers…
"You know fathers don’t like to admit it when their daughters are
capable of running their own lives. It means we’ve become spectators.
Bianca still let’s me play a few innings – you’ve had me on the bench
for years. When you go to Sarah Lawrence, I won’t even be able to watch
the game

It can be found here, the quote, the movie is here. Two different sections of the same website.

Lets see what I can come up with next….

My Mom and Dad

Mom still very much alive! To much sometimes, mean she like a bunny battery commercial. Dad he past away, God bless him! I wish I had spent more time with him before he left us for heaven. Sometimes we not know what we do or are in for!

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