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Uploading Photos – IE TAB

Posted by foreualways on December 29, 2008

Ways to get multiple photos on your Windows Live Space account.

  1. Windows Live Photo Gallery
  2. Internet Explorer
  3. Firefox and IE TAB

Well for one I still do not have Photo Gallery Beta working. It still crashes, see my previous blogs.

I don’t know about you all but with what going on with IE latest drama, I try not using it.

And #3 whether or not this is subject to the same problems that are plaguing IE, I don’t know! So beware and use at your own risk!

I use Firefox 3, the most current version for almost all my browsing and I came across a “extension” for Firefox call IE TAB.
What it does is simulate IE, while using Internet Explorer and uploading your multiple photos to your Live Space account, you have the ability to “drag and drop” your pictures. Which is cool, I really like that feature, in fact the only other site I know of that uses that is Multiply. That where Microsoft sent all the MSN Groups to. Anyways….

So if you use Firefox and you get and install the IE TAB (which has over 17 million users), all you do is sign into your Live Space account and go to the upload file section that looks like this one…….

Then when you right click the tab….
















Now you click on Switch rendering engine and you will get this….

Now if you used Internet Explorer and Live Space before to upload pictures, the above screenshot should look familiar to you!

All you do is drag and drop from Windows Explorer or whatever photo organizing program you use, i.e. Google’s Picasa.
When your all done you simply right click on the tab of said window and click on “Switch rendering engine” again and you will be back to Firefox!
Notice on the tab from the above screenshot that it is the IE logo. That one of the ways of telling in case you forget which your in, IE or Firefox.

Now some additional notes;

  • It came already with urls in the extension, which means it will automatically switch to the IE rendering engine and since I didn’t want that. I wanted to switch on my own, I removed them all! See screenshot below…
  • If I left the stuff in there they it switch when ever it wanted to!
  • There still are some bugs in it. Like the only I’ve come across is after I switch back to Firefox, it comes up with a 404 error. All I simply do it use the navigational arrows and go back a page or 2.


See screenshot below…

These are the only settings and they can be found in two places, 1)I your add on windows in Firefox and 2) Under Tools.

Ok that about it, if you interested then all you need is the link. There are 2 places to get it from, one is from IE TAB webpage and the other is Firefox add-in site. You have the links for both and you can just Live Search or Google it as well!


If you have a any questions concerning my post, please feel free to contact me.

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