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The screaming has been silenced.

Posted by foreualways on January 26, 2009

Seeking shelter – a light glows from outside
Sweat beads up and rolls down your skull.

Your down in the shadows, breathing heavy
trying to remain like a corpse.

A corpse is not good enough
for what you have done.

Your scared and nervous
At this moment your desire is to be – free – to be redeemed.

They are coming – and when they do
your reality will change.

No one can help you – no prayer will
cover your burden – nor your sins.

No amount of begging or pleading
will alter your destiny.

You will suffer, you will bleed, you will scream
no one will hear you no one will care.

Your agony – your misery – your torture
will be their foreplay.

The lights get brighter – they are getting closer
how did it get to this point.

The memory of your loved ones flow
You wish things were different.

A sleeping dream this is not
You snap back to reality.

The screams in your head won’t stop
your heart is beating faster.

The door burst open
The blood red horrific eyes close in on you.

Your time has come
the screaming has been silenced.

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