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Life Is Beautiful

Posted by foreualways on February 4, 2009

Standing before a tub of acid,
I raise the muzzle.

The life I wanted,
that I couldn’t  achieve.

It out of my reach,
the desire is cold and dormant.

All that I took as wet paper,
the direction was never with a compass.

The hate I was able to encourage,
my soul was never filled with love.

My heart could not feel compassion,
it was blind to all that he sent.

Opening my mouth,
placing the barrel.

I am not nervous – I am not shaking,
Calming as this is – I know it what needs to be done.

Soon I will know what real love is,
easing the trigger back, will allow me the knowledge.

As I fall back into the tub,
In my reality – I know that life is beautiful.

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