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Family Fun

Posted by foreualways on April 24, 2009

Hi –

I have some new pictures of my grandson, Tristan and some of my nieces and nephews. They are in my photo album, but I thought I would post a few here as well. They were taken last weekend at a local playground. Some are a little more interesting than some of the others, so I will post those instead. I hope you enjoy and feel free to comment, if so inclined….

My niece, Aaliyah

My grandson, Tristan

Tristan, running

My nephew, Jacob

My wife, Marianne and our niece, Trinity

Tristan, in a action shot

Me and Tristan, my little angel

Hope you enjoyed them and Have A Great Day!


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How Much Is Your Site Worth?

Posted by foreualways on April 22, 2009

Here a interesting site I’ve come across, well found through a friend. It tells you how much your site worth! It really funny and interesting!

Here the link for the site —->WebValuer

Here what my site here on Live Space is worth…….

Have A Great Day!

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Why Am I Here – Why The Friends Request?

Posted by foreualways on April 20, 2009

Hello –

I was reading some blogs here on Live Space as well as a few others. People where complaining and noting that they turned off their friends request.
Which is fine, sometimes I get friends request and I go and check out their profile and they have no friends, no blogs, no profile pictures, etc!
I do not have any family on here, well because they are happy on the given social networking site they are on. I can’t make them come here, can I!

Now for me I love this site, I love that it looks better and there none of the apps that are on Myspace and Facebook! Yes I have accounts on soo many other social sites, but I like it here best! I am just trying to add people that come across as nice, normal people! If they have profiles that include friends, pictures and blogs and their blogs are interesting enough, make me laugh, smile or touch me in a way that I can relate to. Then I add them!

Why do you all add the people to your Live Space, that are not actual people you know???

Have a Great Day!

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