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Windows Live Space and Word Press–What Your Decision….

Posted by foreualways on September 30, 2010

I don’t know what to say, I am not happy with this decision as I notice a few others aren’t none too happy about either! Well some like it, some don’t really care and the rest of us are not too pleased!

Well some people have done the migration and it seems to have worked for them, while others have yet to have such a easy path to follow.

I see tons of information about this PITA I have 2 links which you may have already discovered by now. 1) Microsoft Live Spaces Moves to WordPress: An FAQ, and 2) Welcome Windows Live Spaces Bloggers.

There a number of things to compare about this ordeal and for me one of the biggest is Windows Live Space = 25 gig of storage free and WordPress = 3 gig of storage space free! To get the amount we have on WLS, we have to pay for the extra! Why would I want to pay them for something I was getting free….

I would like to know who of my friends are going over there, deleting and going elsewhere!!!!


Thanks for stopping by….



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