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Soo Many Things To Talk About….

Posted by foreualways on October 11, 2010

I haven’t a clue as to where to start. Every time I get a thought in my empty balloon shaped object, it attaches itself to some helium and floats away! At onetime I wanted to blog in the form of tutorials for editing photographs, then another about myself and what was happening in my life. Then yet another time it was about amusing things that I’ve notice and yet I thought about blogging about the stuff that pissed me off, annoyed me or was just a plain rip-off!

So I gather that those of you who do stop by from time to time, would probably say blog about what you feel. Well on that note I case I will blog about a mixture of the above topics for the most part.

So I hope to have some what of a blog put together for my first official post (as I would call it.) Yes I have posted stuff before and if you were to go back through some of it you may find some stuff interesting, funny, sad and / or boring….

There are a few people I find interesting enough to follow on a daily basis….

(Clicking the links of their names will take you to their Live Space profiles)

  • Jeff MyUniqueLife  – Now Jeff has a interesting point of view and also a interesting reason as to why he blogs. I find it true, amusing and insightful at times. I also love the graphics that he includes in his post.
  • Raven – Raven is another interesting person to follow, although I don’t always get the meanings in the replies from her admirers. They are amusing. She is by no means a dull character.
  • Jeffrey Flynt – I just started following Jeff post and he has a lot of useful information on his WordPress Blog.

Well Until Next Time…

Thanks for stopping by.


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