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Moved to Blogger and WordPress

Posted by foreualways on January 8, 2011

Where do I start off? I know this topic has already been covered by a number of other WLS users.

Now a friend of mine here on WLS has been having trouble downloading his Live Space site in zipped format to his hard drive. He had nothing but trouble! He was using IE (not sure of which version), but I tried it with version 8 of IE and it downloaded fast and downloaded 1.24 meg on the first try.

Compared to FF 3.6.13, which downloaded 1.2 meg on the 4th try.

With a total of 6 downloaded attempts. The first few were 303 – 308 kb and yet there was nothing there!

With the first few times I tried to open it and got the following….
Does anybody know what this means?







Well I didn’t get this screen after I downloaded the 1.2 and the 1.24 meg versions. It opened right up, and I uncompressed it using Peazip. I also use 7-Zip. Both programs are free and the later is really popular.

Well once uncompressed I double click on the index link and then on any of the post that I had made and it goes right to my post and  opens that given one fully intact. I see my very first post was in 2007. I see that I don’t have that many entries as my friend Jeff, who has been blogging longer and everyday. So my little 1.2 file should seem nothing compared to his…..

and here what that given post looks like…..

The address for that post is my root drive on my hard drive where I uncompressed it.

I was talking about how MySpace had 192 million users compared to WLS with a 120 million users. Which now seems like nothing compared to Facebook 500 + million users!

Well anyways I don’t know if this will post on WLS considering today date – Jan 8, 2011, but this will go to my Google Blogger account as well.

I will be trying to move to WordPress in the next few days, but I have to say I don’t really feel attached to my content here on WLS. Pictures I always back up my pictures to more then 1 location.

So I hope to see you on WordPress as well as Google Blogger!

Good Day and Thanks for visiting hope to see you there!!!

Well guess this is going to Blogger for now and WordPress later….

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