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A Reason Why Blogger IS Better!

Posted by foreualways on January 15, 2011



If you will indulge in my playing around here…

The screen captures above are from both here and my Blogger account, both have the same content and both where done using Windows Live Writer 2011.

The one on your left (white one) is from my post here on WordPress and the one on your right (black one) is from my Google Blogger account. None of the codes are adjusted, meaning they are just as the was uploaded and posted by W. Live Writer!

As you can see the video and picture are not aligned!

The Blogger one posted faster and easier then did the WordPress one!!! Also after posting was the video took a while to show up on WordPress. It was instant with Blogger!

Now maybe it had something to do with Writer. I know that you can embed Youtube videos in both blogging formats / sites.

Here a look at the capabilities of both WordPress and Blogger as listed in Writer



Now maybe that has something to do with it maybe it doesn’t, WordPress capabilities for embedding show an answer of no, where as Blogger show an answer of yes!

Do I have any idea of what I am talking about? No, but I do enjoy doing this

The centering of the embedded YouTube video has something to do with it, I don’t get why Blogger posted the exact same post without a problem!


I found this article in WordPress Support, but I haven’t found a answer yet! Maybe I will contact support

On a different note;

I like the show Seinfeld – the show about nothing! That what you might want to consider my blog. The blog about nothing! Winking smile

Now wouldn’t that be great if I made all the money he did

Have A Great Day and Thanks for the visit!

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