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Reliving My Past

Posted by foreualways on April 28, 2011

Something I finally realized the other day and that is I’ve been trying to live in the past.

In a way because I am turning 50 soon, but because I have so many happy memories with my boys from the past. See I am a active video game player still to this day and I am not ashamed by it. It does not rule me like it use to way back when, but it more healthy and fun.

We have a huge collection of almost every video gaming system and I am one of those kind of people who hangs onto ‘memory attachments’, meaning things from the past that having memories because of it. When I look at something or in this case play the games it takes me back to time when I was young and happy! Not that I am not happy now, but some things can’t be replaced!

I realized this when I was getting ready to play some ‘old school’ video games. I was playing the Sega Dreamcast and I was clearing up the memory cards and I saw a game save from 1998 for my son Michael Jr., this kind a blew me away, as it been a long time!

That when I knew it, that it made sense as to why I’ve been feeling very eager to play the old school games. I was young, my children where young and we bonded and had a lot of fun. Memories run deep!

I didn’t fear turning 40 as some people do, but 50, well that was – is an issue for me!

Thanks for the visit…


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James at WordPress

Posted by foreualways on April 9, 2011

Recently I was having trouble with the Header in my WordPress profile. I couldn’t get a picture to crop to the amount it needed for that theme. I contacted WordPress Support and they surprised me and replied right away! He asked for a copy of the photo I was trying to upload. So I sent 5 screen captures showing the crop outline as well and explaining the problem I was having!

Here a few screen captures…..

As you can clearly see that this is cropping well below the 940×198 pixel requirement.
Here it 940×169 and it still cropping off the N in the picture.

WordPress Tech Support got back to me saying that the problem was resolved and I tried it myself, only to inform them that it was not resolved!

I was a bit negative in my second response and they really surprised me! I am very pleased at their response and I truly apologized and while I have no intention of giving up my Blogger account.
I will definitely be keeping and blogging here as well!

Here the email with my negativity and their resolved that worked!

> You do know that your wrong!
> It still N O T working! The image is 940×169 and it cutting off the letter N
> in the image!
> It funny because in Blogger I do NOT have this problem!
> Well at least you tried and your satisfied with it so I guess that good
> enough!
> Please Don’t Drink and Drive!!!
> Mike
I’m not satisfied until you’re satisfied. 🙂
I took another look, and it looks like your issue is entirely separate, though you uncovered a separate unrelated issue which I focused on instead of yours. Sorry about that!
So, here’s what’s happening:
The theme requires a 940 x 198 pixels header image. You’re uploading a header image with dimensions 940 x 169. Since height takes priority in header images, it increases the size of the image to 1101 x 198 to match the height. Because of that, you need to crop the image so it fits 940 x 198.
There are two ways around this:
1. Use the attached header1.jpg, which slightly warps the header to fit 940 x 198.
2. Use the attached header2.jpg, which keeps the image aspect the same (no warping), but places it in a 940 x 198 black box that will match the header image borders in the theme.
Please let me know if one of those worked for you!
James | WordPress.com and IntenseDebate

James, is the support tech that took care of and resolved my issue even with the attitude I gave him!

My Thumbs up up to him!!!!

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It Been A While and Not Sure What To Blog About

Posted by foreualways on April 6, 2011

Yes it been sometime since my last posting and I always have so much going I that I don’t know when I would have the time. Yet at the same time I don’t know what to write about!
That funny because everything going on and I have nothing to write about! It like saying I am hungry and have nothing to eat right after I went grocery shopping!

Well my granddaughter Malori, she 4 yrs. old and that her sleeping a few nights back. She always falls asleep in the weirdest ways. IMG_3279Anyways she was watching WWE with me Friday and they showed a commercial for the Hall of Fame candidates. No there was 6 of them and only 1 was a female and Malori was very displeased with that! She said, “Ha man are you kidding me, there only one girl. That not right something very wrong with that!” I was not surprised as she always going off like that with what she thinks, but as always I was very amused. I mean she only 4 and she already thinking like that!

She a very smart little girl and we love to keep her growing in that direction! She loves school, her daddy and green grapes! Oh boy is she crazy about green grapes, you can get her to do just about anything if you have them! She also has to have everything she see on TV. I imagine that the same with most children her age if not all of them! Winking smile 

Well I know I didn’t say much, but I hope that was enough for now….

Good Night and Dream Big!

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