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It Been A While and Not Sure What To Blog About

Posted by foreualways on April 6, 2011

Yes it been sometime since my last posting and I always have so much going I that I don’t know when I would have the time. Yet at the same time I don’t know what to write about!
That funny because everything going on and I have nothing to write about! It like saying I am hungry and have nothing to eat right after I went grocery shopping!

Well my granddaughter Malori, she 4 yrs. old and that her sleeping a few nights back. She always falls asleep in the weirdest ways. IMG_3279Anyways she was watching WWE with me Friday and they showed a commercial for the Hall of Fame candidates. No there was 6 of them and only 1 was a female and Malori was very displeased with that! She said, “Ha man are you kidding me, there only one girl. That not right something very wrong with that!” I was not surprised as she always going off like that with what she thinks, but as always I was very amused. I mean she only 4 and she already thinking like that!

She a very smart little girl and we love to keep her growing in that direction! She loves school, her daddy and green grapes! Oh boy is she crazy about green grapes, you can get her to do just about anything if you have them! She also has to have everything she see on TV. I imagine that the same with most children her age if not all of them! Winking smile 

Well I know I didn’t say much, but I hope that was enough for now….

Good Night and Dream Big!

2 Responses to “It Been A While and Not Sure What To Blog About”

  1. foreualways said

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  2. […] funny for a moment, well it was afterwards! She a doll. More about her in my one of my earlier post here.They both bring my wife and I as well us the rest of the family and friends so much joy, as most […]

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