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Posted by foreualways on April 9, 2011

Recently I was having trouble with the Header in my WordPress profile. I couldn’t get a picture to crop to the amount it needed for that theme. I contacted WordPress Support and they surprised me and replied right away! He asked for a copy of the photo I was trying to upload. So I sent 5 screen captures showing the crop outline as well and explaining the problem I was having!

Here a few screen captures…..

As you can clearly see that this is cropping well below the 940×198 pixel requirement.
Here it 940×169 and it still cropping off the N in the picture.

WordPress Tech Support got back to me saying that the problem was resolved and I tried it myself, only to inform them that it was not resolved!

I was a bit negative in my second response and they really surprised me! I am very pleased at their response and I truly apologized and while I have no intention of giving up my Blogger account.
I will definitely be keeping and blogging here as well!

Here the email with my negativity and their resolved that worked!

> You do know that your wrong!
> It still N O T working! The image is 940×169 and it cutting off the letter N
> in the image!
> It funny because in Blogger I do NOT have this problem!
> Well at least you tried and your satisfied with it so I guess that good
> enough!
> Please Don’t Drink and Drive!!!
> Mike
I’m not satisfied until you’re satisfied. 🙂
I took another look, and it looks like your issue is entirely separate, though you uncovered a separate unrelated issue which I focused on instead of yours. Sorry about that!
So, here’s what’s happening:
The theme requires a 940 x 198 pixels header image. You’re uploading a header image with dimensions 940 x 169. Since height takes priority in header images, it increases the size of the image to 1101 x 198 to match the height. Because of that, you need to crop the image so it fits 940 x 198.
There are two ways around this:
1. Use the attached header1.jpg, which slightly warps the header to fit 940 x 198.
2. Use the attached header2.jpg, which keeps the image aspect the same (no warping), but places it in a 940 x 198 black box that will match the header image borders in the theme.
Please let me know if one of those worked for you!
James | WordPress.com and IntenseDebate

James, is the support tech that took care of and resolved my issue even with the attitude I gave him!

My Thumbs up up to him!!!!

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