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Reliving My Past

Posted by foreualways on April 28, 2011

Something I finally realized the other day and that is I’ve been trying to live in the past.

In a way because I am turning 50 soon, but because I have so many happy memories with my boys from the past. See I am a active video game player still to this day and I am not ashamed by it. It does not rule me like it use to way back when, but it more healthy and fun.

We have a huge collection of almost every video gaming system and I am one of those kind of people who hangs onto ‘memory attachments’, meaning things from the past that having memories because of it. When I look at something or in this case play the games it takes me back to time when I was young and happy! Not that I am not happy now, but some things can’t be replaced!

I realized this when I was getting ready to play some ‘old school’ video games. I was playing the Sega Dreamcast and I was clearing up the memory cards and I saw a game save from 1998 for my son Michael Jr., this kind a blew me away, as it been a long time!

That when I knew it, that it made sense as to why I’ve been feeling very eager to play the old school games. I was young, my children where young and we bonded and had a lot of fun. Memories run deep!

I didn’t fear turning 40 as some people do, but 50, well that was – is an issue for me!

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