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Sony PlayStation Network – I Love The Comments!

Posted by foreualways on May 4, 2011

I must say I am very amused at a few of the comments by owners of the 3 different video gaming consoles. (Xbox 360, Wii, and PlayStation 3) Now I do not own a Sony PlayStation 3 nor a Nintendo Wii.

My son has all 3 systems and has problems with the Xbox 360 Ring of Death and it was taken care of promptly and has never acted up again since then. He also has 2 other Xbox 360’s and never had a problem with them at all! Now he had a PlayStation 3, and had nothing but problems with it!

The comments and accusations are flying off the video game store shelves faster then a red dot special at Target!

I mean seriously, people are putting their own two cents in without at least doing some checking into what they are saying! It good for a laugh, the comments not what actually happened! Identity Theft is no laughing matter as neither is spam!

Now I feel I should note that I am NOT a fan of SONY ANYTHING!

I do feel that both companies have their good and bad. It the comments from loyal users of one console bashing the other console that I find amusing! They ALL serve their purpose!

Now onto some of the comments;

Now this one is telling the truth, there really can’t be that many copies sold and that many people playing it, especially since it so boring!2011-05-04_023355

I know the Xbox is a copycat (Roflmfao) because excuse me didn’t Sony basically copycat the Wii, with their Move controllers! I mean yes they improved it, but they didn’t do it from scratch! As I recall reading some where that the original company that had the Kinect concept offered it to Nintendo first. They turned it down then they offered it to Microsoft!
I keep reading here and there that Xbox 360 is a copycat of Sony! Really, could someone explain that to me, because I just don’t see it!2011-05-04_023832

Now this one I partially agree with! Because I love my Sega systems as you may have realized from my previous post!2011-05-04_023924

I have to agree, because I’ve owned a $750 27” TV, a $500 VCR, and 2 $100 boom boxes and they all where Sony and they all gave me problems. None of which Sony would fix, nor did their customer support care to help with!2011-05-04_023950

I can’t really argue this comment other then the fact that Sony took so long letting their customers in on the breach! Other then that do any of my readers that are 50 plus have a comment…2011-05-04_024049

Seriously can you and will you ever trust Sony again? As stated above I will NEVER buy another Sony product and that includes anything they make with someone else name on it!2011-05-04_024152

Well I am not bothered by saying I pay for my monthly service to Xbox. Just like I am not bothered by saying I have a monthly cell phone bill, cable bill, car insurance bill and so forth! The thing is I use the free part for Xbox. The Gold package is good for Netflix, playing against your friends online, etc.2011-05-04_024232

Exchange every month! Other then the problems listed at the top of this post. We had NO problems, so what kind of BS is he trying to past off here! I get it now here on the side with no issues, so that means around 100 million people getting their info on the PSN stolen is not a issue!2011-05-04_024342

Well it seems that Sony is this perfect little angel!2011-05-04_024437

Finally someone that is close to what actually happened and why! 2011-05-04_024609

I believe this user is right! Seriously every product I’ve ever seen that made by Microsoft, does not have their name any where on it! No they haven’t taken pride in my experience!2011-05-04_024917

So Sony didn’t expect to be hacked! Hmmm must be they don’t keep up on what going on around them! Especially when they have pissed off so many people!2011-05-04_025216

Well at least go outside and get some fresh air and exercise. Don’t need to be in front of that TV all the time!2011-05-04_025236

…and yet another who seems to understand about what happened and why!2011-05-04_025613

Did anybody see the spam in this comment?2011-05-04_025837

This is the last one I promise. I found it really amusing and not because I do like Microsoft!
Ironically my first name is Mike, and NO I didn’t post this nor any comment at any of the websites hosting these comments!2011-05-04_024942bbbbbbbbbbb

There are tons more and I don’t have time to read through them all, and this has been a waste of my time and yours, but I decided it was my blog post for today!

Here is the link for all the above comments…(http://blog.games.yahoo.com/blog/647-sony-says-25-million-more-accounts-hacked)

Thanks for the visit!Winking smile

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