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Two of God’s Angel’s Captured In Cell Phone

Posted by foreualways on May 13, 2011

While there are a few very important people who I hold close to my heart, these two are the ones that I hold closest! The first is my granddaughter Malori – 4, and my grandson Tristan – 5.  memaltristan
Yes that me in the middle and this and the following two pictures were taken with my cell phone today. I know the quality isn’t that good. This is the one that I settled on for my cell phone wallpaper, as they were wanting to go play!
My wife and I live with my eldest son and his fiancée and the children. One of them being my granddaughter Malori. My grandson Tristan lives with his dad and we won’t discuss his mother!
Well we get him once to twice a month on the weekends and two to three weeks during school vacation. When I say we I mean me and my wife. Well because his dad and other grandparents (whom we get along great with) had some events planned and we didn’t get to see him for a bit, three weeks actually.memaltristan2 The longest my wife and I can go without seeing him is two weeks. So we’ve been anxious to spend some time with our only grandson! We’ve been with him every since he was born or rather placed in our hearts by GOD himself!!!
It least that the way I feel about it! The deeper story of Tristan, is one for another time as it too deep and complicated for this post.
Now my granddaughter Malori, well she something else. Seriously, she was playing a game with me as she always likes to do and it went something like this. She would say, “The first one to touch the door wins”, now it only her and I playing. She would get two turns in a row and I would. You are suppose to say something in reason and we went through a bunch of things to say. Finally she goes the first one to pull poppy’s mustache wins an before it registered in my head what she said. She went ahead and pulled my mustache and let me tell you it stung and watered my eyes a bit. I laughed it off and told her not to ever do that again. Beside she wouldn’t have done that because he doesn’t have amemaltristan3 mustache! She thought it was funny at first and after I explained to her and she realized she apologized and all was fine and good.
It was very funny for a moment, well it was afterwards! She a doll. More about her in my one of my earlier post here.
They both bring my wife and I as well us the rest of the family and friends so much joy, as most children their age do….

Well as you can see the three cell phone pictures I took and the first one is the best in my opinion. I held it the best I could while trying to keep it steady enough and centered. I don’t think it looks that bad, but when it get zoomed on it looks horrible. For the cell phone wallpaper they work fine! I always get a new picture on my cell everyday his visits.

They act like a married couple, sometimes they fight and sometimes they don’t! One thing for sure they miss each other all the time.

So which picture do you like best? The top (last one I took) or the middle one (second one I took) or the bottom one (the first one I took).

Thanks for stopping by and please come again!

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