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Old TV Shows and Ex-Wife Wedding Dress

Posted by foreualways on July 27, 2011

I’ve browsed the web a lot as most you may have and I bookmark any website / article that I find very interesting! So for today post I figure that I would cover some of those links and I hope you enjoy them and find them interesting.

1) So for our first one http://www.crazyabouttv.com/

You can choose from the following to help find the show(s) that your looking for….

You can find just about any show you want. Now I can’t say that every show listed there, but you can give it a look see.

Here a screen capture of the page for one of my favorite shows from the past…

There more to it, the rest of it if I captured it, would include rest of the season’s and all the episodes.
To see for yourself, go to the website and look it up or click on this link —>http://www.crazyabouttv.com/wings.html


2) This link is probably getting old by now, but it still interesting. It is http://myexwifesweddingdress.com/

I haven’t been here in a while and now it seems he has a book being published. So I am gathering that this ex-wife’s wedding dress  and it original concept has blossomed into a lot more!

Here some of the uses he came up with on his own as well as with some help;
fire Chair  /  Tablecloth  /  Grill Cover  /  Scarecrow  /  Gym Towel  /  Shoe Polish Rag  /  Honda Element Floor Liner  /  Dog Toy  /  Drop Cloth (for painting)  /  Camera Lens Cloth  /  Yoga Mat  /  Oil Pan  /  Gas Cap  /  Sporting Event Banner  /  Ice Pack  /  Mop  /  Pasta Strainer  /  Christmas Tree Skirt  /  Jump Rope  /  Barber Smock  /  Coffee Filter  /  Dish Rag  /  Dental Floss  /  Tree Support  /  Hammock  /  Car Wash Towel  /  Oven Mitt  /  Dog Bed  /  Door Mat  /  Soccer Net  /  Golf Towel  /  Litter Box Liner  /  Grill Apron  /  Sleeping Bag  /  Oil Rag  /  Golf Net  /  Umbrella  /  SMART-Car Cover  /  Leaf Bag  /  Grocery Bag

There are a lot of more uses then what I listed here for Kevin’s ex-wife wedding dress, as you will see you go there yourself!

Thanks for stopping!

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