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My Favorite Android Apps —– So Far!

Posted by foreualways on November 7, 2011

I’ve only had a android phone for a few months now! Before that I had just a basic cell phone, just texting with very basic web browsing and Facebook. I would call it a basic cell phone, but not a smartphone. Camera and slide out keyboard and I was happy. Well until I stepped up the android cell phones.

This is a partial list of my favorite apps so far. For me these first few are a must have!

imageGoogle Chrome To Phone (Installs = 5,000,000 – Rating 4.6)


Now please note that as far as I know this is available only on Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome (I am using current versions) as for Internet Explorer and Opera and other browsers I don’t know for sure. I didn’t see it listed for IE 9 nor Opera.
This app was originally made for Google Chrome, but has been adapted to Firefox as well.
This app has to be installed on the cell and browser. It allows you to send whole / partial web pages to your android device. You can do it bit more, like I highlighted some text and sent it to my cell, then pasted it in a text message to my brother in law. I’ve included the video so you can see yourself….

Just watch to see if this would be useful to you!

imageThickButtons Keyboard (Installs = 500,000 – Rating 3.9)


So many keyboards, I’ve tried a few at least and while there are some nice ones out there! Most of the worth while ones are not freebies. I do not agree with the ones that are free for a short time span! I did come across a couple of nice free ones, but this would have to be the one that works best for me!

It does not work perfectly as in the video, but once you get going it pretty good!

imageIMDb Movies & TV (Installs = 50,000,000 – Rating 4.4)


I am a bit of a movie buff and this app has come in handy so many times. Note it not for finding movie times and place.

No video listed for this.

imageRealCalc Scientific Calculator (Installs = 10,000,000 – Rating 4.7)


This is the best app in my opinion! Well no I haven’t tried the others out and yes there a calculator app included with the phone.
But I really like this one! I use the free version, but may upgrade to the paid version. It adds a few more features!

No video listed for this.

imageConvertPad – Unit Converter (Installs – 10,000,000 – Rating 4.5)


This has also come in very handy for me! Instead of me trying to explain this one, just watch the video!

This app is so amazing!

imageTurbo Downloader(Beta) (Installs – 500,000 – Rating 4.0)


I use this app to download videos to my phone. When looking at something in your mobile web browser (I use Dolphin)
you press and hold on it, say a video. Your choices will show up and this will be one that is if it something that it downloads.

No video listed for this.

imageDolphin Browser Mini (Installs – 5,000,000 – Rating 4.5)


Now this is the one I use, you can’t use all the available plug ins that they have for Dolphin HD, but it takes less space!

Dolphin Browser Mini

Here the video for the full size one – Dolphin Browser HD (Install 10,000,000 – Rating 4.6)

Remember this takes most space of the two, but you can use all the plug ins as well!


Dolphin Browser HD

Well that it! Now I am not a developer, but if you need help with any of these apps or just have some questions feel free to ask!
I use them all, well except for the very last one! I did use it a while back.

Have a Great Day!




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Blogging From My Android

Posted by foreualways on November 6, 2011


Just checking out of mobile app, from my android phone. I’m using this is the official word press app and by voice instead of typing! 🙂

Posted from WordPress for Android

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