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Smoke Free

Posted by foreualways on March 30, 2012

Tomorrow is my first day smoke free in over 20 yrs!
Who been there themselves?
Just looking to share & find some support! (no I don’t want to buy your product for quit smoking)
Just some mutual support!

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One Response to “Smoke Free”

  1. kellchris said

    Thanks for the Like! And congrats on quitting! The first 3 days were very rough on me… I felt like smoking was the only thing I was ever thinking about and that everyone around me was suddenly smoking! But this phase eventually passed. I think the biggest help for me that I can pass along is about simply breaking the habit. I would simply acknowledge to myself that this was a time that I usually smoke a cigarette (with coffee, while driving, right before work, right after work, etc), and then I would very deliberately go through the activity and not smoke. They stopped being triggers when I had repeated the action of NOT smoking so many times that I now had a new habit.

    I hope you’re still going strong! (I’m sure you are!) Drop me a line if you need some support!

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