Michael's Space (Poppy Loves You)

This is Windows Live Space on Steriods


Well here a new introduction about me….

My name is Michael and I’m new to this blogging / WordPress stuff. I love photo editing and restoration, but more as a hobby for family and friends. I like a lot of other things as well, but I will update this down the road….or you can ask…..

I migrated here from Windows Live Space, I have my complaints and who doesn’t. I’m also on Blogger. It mostly the same thing, but I am thinking of changing it to something else.

I’m loyal, friendly and closed off, and funny. Not as much as I use to be.

This picture is the most important picture I have….

Me and My 3 Grandchildren

I love watching WWE, Fairly Legal, Burn Notice, The Discovery Channel, The DIY Network (Sweat Equity, House Crashers, Bath Crashers, Yard Crashers and a few others)and Coming Home. I also enjoy reruns of, How I Met Your Mother, Wings, Friends, Home Improvement, and Yes – Two and Half Men! Otherwises I general don’t watch much TV.

I’m usually on my laptop or desktop, playing with the kids, grandchildren, taking pictures, learning new things. Summer coming so I will be bike riding and walking soon. I use Chuck Norris Total Gym (the actual one, not the cheap knock off), speaking of him I am a fan of him, Bruce Lee and I few others in the area of martial artists.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Okay, this is completely random. Strangely my wordpress indicates I have 700+ follwers…from 64 before…so I’m thinking there is a glitch. So I began going through who is following me and I missed when you linked up to me. So I thought I’d stop into to say hello. I see that you watch BURN NOTICE! That is so odd, because we love Netflix and are currently watching marathons of them each evening. We’ve just made it to the 3rd season. I’m enjoying it.

    LOVE THE PHOTO of you and the grand kiddies. I bet you’re getting amped up for christmas!
    I love meeting new blogger pals- so stop in and make comments here and there!

    HO HO HO,
    Lake Forest, CA

  2. foreualways said

    Thank You for your kind words about my grandchildren!
    Yes I love Burn Notice, I’ve seen every episode since they started, except for the 2nd season missed a few there.
    I likewise love meeting new bloggers and enjoy a new connection via the cyberworld. lol

    I love my grandbabies, but my grandson and I are extremely close!!!

    I look forward to more visits and heading over to your place soon.

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