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My Computer Died, Water Over Boiled and Eggs Hatched

Posted by foreualways on May 2, 2012

In other words, I’m having a bunch of extra problems going on!
And yes my computer crashed, not sure if it the hard drive or the IDE controller, if it the later then the laptop is paper weight! As I am not bother with a motherboard replacement!
Money really tight at the moment, so we will see.
I’ll have to pull out the old desktop, been ages since I used that!

School start up soon, well CDL training.

But if you been following my blog you’ll notice I am addicted to Twitter!

Hope to be back up soon, as I have some good post to, well post!

If your on Twitter go ahead add me through my feed to the upper right!
Be sure to mention your from WP!

Take Care Everyone!


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Smoke Free

Posted by foreualways on March 30, 2012

Tomorrow is my first day smoke free in over 20 yrs!
Who been there themselves?
Just looking to share & find some support! (no I don’t want to buy your product for quit smoking)
Just some mutual support!

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I’ve Been Inspired!

Posted by foreualways on December 15, 2011


After reading these following WordPress blogs (http://divorcedandangry.wordpress.com/about/, http://amiagoodhusband.wordpress.com/, http://nowimastatistic.wordpress.com/, and http://preciseincision.wordpress.com/) and they all touch me and I could relate. It made me want to tell me story. Not in a “feel sorry for the sap kind of way! But more as a way for me to vent, release and possibly heal!

I’ve decided to talk about my wife other life and more personal things about me and my past!

It will be a little before it up, but I’m planning on setting up another WordPress blog to cover this topic. I want to keep it separate from my post here as these are extremely important and life – saving post that I put up here!

I am trying to decide how to lay this all out and where to start. What I’ve been through over this and have to say / share is enough to fill a book!

I’d like to find a way to make my misery humorous, but I am done being depressed and crying and pacing the floors over this!

I’ve tried doing this years ago on my Windows Live Space, but it didn’t really go over well! So we will see….

Happy Holidays – Stay Save and Don’t Drink and Drive!!!

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I Got Excited…Then I Saw The Truth!

Posted by foreualways on July 16, 2011

I can’t say that I blog for the attention and I can’t say that I don’t. It would be nice to know that someone is reading what I post and hopefully enjoying it. I don’t really need comments or subscribers, but it certainly would not hurt either!

My blog usually doesn’t cover just one topic, but a variety of things as I never know what I want to post until that given moment. I usually do not plan out my blogs in advance, although I have seen some things that I feel I could write about. Usually I try to keep it short and simple.

I have to be one of the worse bloggers ever! Sad smile 

I have seen some amazing blogs out there and I seen some that are boring, some are written up nice and well thought out (something I don’t do Surprised smile), some are usually posting the same thing over and over, but in a different and interesting way!

I’ve seen a section here about improving your readership and publishing and the such! I haven’t taken time to go through that yet, although I did go over it briefly a while back and there tons of sites about blogging. So when I have time I will go over that area for myself and see what I can do to improve the over all content of what I blog about.

Well here the a screen capture that is what the title of this blog is referring to!


I apparently subscribed to myself the other day and then today when I logged in and was looking around. I see that I have one active subscriber and then I look closer and see that it me and I realized I subscribed to my own blog and what a let down it was, because I thought for a few brief seconds that someone actually liked my blog and liked what I had to say enough to subscribe themselves to it! Winking smile

Well this wasn’t as funny as my last post, but I hope you enjoyed it!
Now will you please like, subscribe or at least comment!!! Yes I am not too proud to not beg!!!Smile with tongue out

Have a great day!
Thanks for stopping by

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Reliving My Past

Posted by foreualways on April 28, 2011

Something I finally realized the other day and that is I’ve been trying to live in the past.

In a way because I am turning 50 soon, but because I have so many happy memories with my boys from the past. See I am a active video game player still to this day and I am not ashamed by it. It does not rule me like it use to way back when, but it more healthy and fun.

We have a huge collection of almost every video gaming system and I am one of those kind of people who hangs onto ‘memory attachments’, meaning things from the past that having memories because of it. When I look at something or in this case play the games it takes me back to time when I was young and happy! Not that I am not happy now, but some things can’t be replaced!

I realized this when I was getting ready to play some ‘old school’ video games. I was playing the Sega Dreamcast and I was clearing up the memory cards and I saw a game save from 1998 for my son Michael Jr., this kind a blew me away, as it been a long time!

That when I knew it, that it made sense as to why I’ve been feeling very eager to play the old school games. I was young, my children where young and we bonded and had a lot of fun. Memories run deep!

I didn’t fear turning 40 as some people do, but 50, well that was – is an issue for me!

Thanks for the visit…

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