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Mobile Blogging

Posted by foreualways on January 30, 2012

So how many of you blog from your cell phone?
Only cell phones, not including tablets!

Posted from WordPress for Android


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Windows Live Writer and WordPress not meshing well!

Posted by foreualways on December 9, 2011

In one of my previous post (https://bloggerisbetter.wordpress.com/2011/11/07/my-favorite-android-apps-so-far/) as you scroll through the post you will notice that fonts style and size  have changed. That was done because Microsoft Windows Live Writer and WordPress are not working with each other This same post was also posted on my Blogger account and everything posted as it was written in WLW!

This from a previous post and the text is incorrect.

As you can see in the image above the front size and style and font itself is not the same! The text in the yellow highlight is correct! Now the green highlighted text was the same font, size and style as the yellow when it was in wlw. So what happened?

Does anybody know of a better desktop blog editor for Windows???

Well have a great day!


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James at WordPress

Posted by foreualways on April 9, 2011

Recently I was having trouble with the Header in my WordPress profile. I couldn’t get a picture to crop to the amount it needed for that theme. I contacted WordPress Support and they surprised me and replied right away! He asked for a copy of the photo I was trying to upload. So I sent 5 screen captures showing the crop outline as well and explaining the problem I was having!

Here a few screen captures…..

As you can clearly see that this is cropping well below the 940×198 pixel requirement.
Here it 940×169 and it still cropping off the N in the picture.

WordPress Tech Support got back to me saying that the problem was resolved and I tried it myself, only to inform them that it was not resolved!

I was a bit negative in my second response and they really surprised me! I am very pleased at their response and I truly apologized and while I have no intention of giving up my Blogger account.
I will definitely be keeping and blogging here as well!

Here the email with my negativity and their resolved that worked!

> You do know that your wrong!
> It still N O T working! The image is 940×169 and it cutting off the letter N
> in the image!
> It funny because in Blogger I do NOT have this problem!
> Well at least you tried and your satisfied with it so I guess that good
> enough!
> Please Don’t Drink and Drive!!!
> Mike
I’m not satisfied until you’re satisfied. 🙂
I took another look, and it looks like your issue is entirely separate, though you uncovered a separate unrelated issue which I focused on instead of yours. Sorry about that!
So, here’s what’s happening:
The theme requires a 940 x 198 pixels header image. You’re uploading a header image with dimensions 940 x 169. Since height takes priority in header images, it increases the size of the image to 1101 x 198 to match the height. Because of that, you need to crop the image so it fits 940 x 198.
There are two ways around this:
1. Use the attached header1.jpg, which slightly warps the header to fit 940 x 198.
2. Use the attached header2.jpg, which keeps the image aspect the same (no warping), but places it in a 940 x 198 black box that will match the header image borders in the theme.
Please let me know if one of those worked for you!
James | WordPress.com and IntenseDebate

James, is the support tech that took care of and resolved my issue even with the attitude I gave him!

My Thumbs up up to him!!!!

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Soo Many Things To Talk About….

Posted by foreualways on October 11, 2010

I haven’t a clue as to where to start. Every time I get a thought in my empty balloon shaped object, it attaches itself to some helium and floats away! At onetime I wanted to blog in the form of tutorials for editing photographs, then another about myself and what was happening in my life. Then yet another time it was about amusing things that I’ve notice and yet I thought about blogging about the stuff that pissed me off, annoyed me or was just a plain rip-off!

So I gather that those of you who do stop by from time to time, would probably say blog about what you feel. Well on that note I case I will blog about a mixture of the above topics for the most part.

So I hope to have some what of a blog put together for my first official post (as I would call it.) Yes I have posted stuff before and if you were to go back through some of it you may find some stuff interesting, funny, sad and / or boring….

There are a few people I find interesting enough to follow on a daily basis….

(Clicking the links of their names will take you to their Live Space profiles)

  • Jeff MyUniqueLife  – Now Jeff has a interesting point of view and also a interesting reason as to why he blogs. I find it true, amusing and insightful at times. I also love the graphics that he includes in his post.
  • Raven – Raven is another interesting person to follow, although I don’t always get the meanings in the replies from her admirers. They are amusing. She is by no means a dull character.
  • Jeffrey Flynt – I just started following Jeff post and he has a lot of useful information on his WordPress Blog.

Well Until Next Time…

Thanks for stopping by.


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ScribeFire — My old, But Yet New Blogging Tool!

Posted by foreualways on January 3, 2009

ScribeFire vs DeepestSender: One Blogging Addon to Rule Them All!

Jun. 19th, 2008 By Lee Mathews

I started to catch up with more “modern” methods of
blogging (so long, Blogger.com!), I realized that I was sadly behind
the times when it came to my blogger’s toolbox. Sure, the default
Wordpress interface is clean, unimposing, and easy to deal with, but
that wasn’t good enough for me. I needed a Swiss Army knife of a
blog app, stat!

Since I’m a die-hard Firefox user, I headed over to the
Firefox addons site to find a worthy candidate. A quick search turned
up a few possibilities, the top two being ScribeFire and Deepest Sender. A quick look at the download stats: 1.6 million vs. 57,000 and I had a pretty good idea which one was going to win.

While the reviews for both addons are favorable, these addons are clearly in different classes. Deepest Sender is kind of like
manually opening a second Firefox window and doing your WordPress work
there while you browse in another (which is the clunky method that made
me start this search in the first place). It doesn’t allow image
uploading or adding tags, but it is a decent way to quickly jot down
parts of a post or brainstorm.

Deepest Sender is tiny, presents a cleaner interface, and it
doesn’t run on your web server – so it would save a bit of
bandwidth. Other than that, I don’t see too many advantages to
running it.

Ready to move on, I close the window and fire up ScribeFire by hitting F8.

This is more like it! Scribefire springs into action, splitting the
Firefox pane in half horizontally and revealing a solid editing
environment right inside the browser!

ScribeFire has a lot of killer features – including support for
multiple blog sites and publishing systems, tabbed posts (you can see
two tabs open in my screencap), complete font control, YouTube and
Flickr embedding, source code editing, and even a sharing pane to make
it easy to check Technorati stats or add to Digg, StumbleUpon,
Del.ici.ous, and more! Oh yeah, there’s an options tab, too,
which allows you to change several aspects of ScribeFire’s

The tabs on the right offer broad support for WordPress’ other
post-writing features, including categories, tags, timestamp,
trackbacks, and ping options. You can even scroll through older entires
and make changes to them on the fly. Is there anything this addon can’t do?

Oh yes…It also supports dragging and dropping from your Firefox tabs, like this:

Keyboard Shortcuts:

A list of all the default keyboard shortcuts used in ScribeFire.

Used in the rich text editor (preceded by Ctrl)

  • Bold: “B”
  • Italic: “I”
  • Underline: “U”
  • Link: “M”
  • Undo: “Z”
  • Redo: “Y”
  • Cut: “X”
  • Copy: “C”
  • Paste: “V”
  • Delete: “D”
  • Select All: “A”

The above shortcuts were as easy to add as going to the Wiki page, clicking on keyboard shortcuts, and then highlighting and dragging the block down to my ScribeFire editor. Holy ease of use, Batman!

Really, the only downside I can see is the size of my editing area.
On my 15.4″ laptop’s 1280×800 screen, I only see
about a paragraph of my post at any given time. Still, to have the
editor reside at the bottom of my Firefox window rather than on another
tab or in its own window, I’m willing to work with that.
It’s a pretty minor annoyance, especially in the face everything
Scribefire does well. Besides, it’s not the publisher’s
fault I can’t yet justify buying a laptop that sports a WUXGA

I didn’t notice any sluggishness when browsing with Scribefire
open, and there was no major impact on the size of my Firefox install (the download itself is only 250kb).

The jury’s in, and between these two addons ScribeFire wins
hands down. Deepest Sender is outgunned and outclassed this time, and
has lost its spot in my Firefox addons list.

All in all, you can have your Windows Live Writer. With Scribefire and my portable Firefox
install, I’m ready to blog anywhere with an ever-decreasing
number of hassles. For in-browser blogging, Scribefire is about as good
as it gets – unless you can convince me otherwise?

Powered by ScribeFire.

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