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I’ve Been Inspired!

Posted by foreualways on December 15, 2011


After reading these following WordPress blogs (http://divorcedandangry.wordpress.com/about/, http://amiagoodhusband.wordpress.com/, http://nowimastatistic.wordpress.com/, and http://preciseincision.wordpress.com/) and they all touch me and I could relate. It made me want to tell me story. Not in a “feel sorry for the sap kind of way! But more as a way for me to vent, release and possibly heal!

I’ve decided to talk about my wife other life and more personal things about me and my past!

It will be a little before it up, but I’m planning on setting up another WordPress blog to cover this topic. I want to keep it separate from my post here as these are extremely important and life – saving post that I put up here!

I am trying to decide how to lay this all out and where to start. What I’ve been through over this and have to say / share is enough to fill a book!

I’d like to find a way to make my misery humorous, but I am done being depressed and crying and pacing the floors over this!

I’ve tried doing this years ago on my Windows Live Space, but it didn’t really go over well! So we will see….

Happy Holidays – Stay Save and Don’t Drink and Drive!!!


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