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The Candle Lighter Awards

Posted by foreualways on February 25, 2012

Note: I had meant for this post to have been up something like 5 days ago. That wasn’t going to happen, for my very precious grandson was coming to spend the week and nothing fills my heart with love and joy as much as he does! So I’ve been kind of busy, spending time with this handsome 6 year old! it not that often that I get him for a week! Beside the fact that I’ve been serious sick the last few days. It wasn’t all that fun, he understood that we couldn’t go for a bike ride to the playground and the same day I started getting sick was the day we where suppose to go. I knew that familiar feeling coming over me and although I took my meds and did what I would normally do when I catch it in the start. Nothing was going to change that….I was sick! Well he went home the other day and I promised we do it his next visit. I was sadden by not being able to do that with him, but I am glad I didn’t make a promise on that one! The reason being is I do not break my promises to him!

So now my head is still cloudy and windy a bit and I have a very sore throat still, but most everything else is better!

So I will see if I can get this up today!

Recently I received a “Candle Lighter Award”, and I don’t feel I really deserve it as I don’t see where I have contributed anything to the WordPress community!

I will except it though and display the award/picture to the right with a link back to who nominated me! Quirky, yes I know!

I haven’t been honor with any kind of award before other then my GED a few years ago and I still have yet to display it on the wall within a few pieces of wood, behind a piece of glass.


I wanted to say thank you to Abandonbarns (y’all hop over and give him some love now) for nominating me for a Candle Lighter Award:

The Candle Lighter Award is an award for a post or blogthat is positive and brings light into the world.  The Candle Lighter Award belongs to those who believe, who always survive the day and who never stop dreaming, who do not quit but keep trying. There are no rules. If you wish to, simply accept it and you are done! You are also free to decline or ignore it.  Recipients can pass it on to as many nominees as they wish and as often as they wish.

The rules for the Liebster Blog, Candle Lighter, and Sunshine Award are as follows:

  • Show your thanks to the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them. (which I think is what I did above if there is more to it let me know please)
  • Reveal your top picks for these awards and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.



I decided to copy his for the most part and changed what I needed. Sneaky and lazy I know! WinkSmile with tongue out

So here my list of people I pick for this award…

Abandoned Barns – So many women wanting to know where the good guys are and so many throwing them a way!

Divorced & Angry – I too am Thankful for his blog and wish he didn’t have to go though what he has and is!

Am I A Good Husband – I would say, “YES, he is!”

Lesley Carter – On a different note, she plenty happy and bring a lot to this WordPress community with your love for life and travel!

Photobotos – For bring such wonderful and beautiful pictures to the community.

Ahhsome – Now here a very active community blogger and she has some good reads as well!

My Unique Life In Windows Live Space – Jeff is worth the read, especially some of his “Fiction Friday’s” with “Wicked”

Technograns – Now she may be getting close to 80 yrs, but she really knows her stuff. Sometimes I think she actually younger then she claims! But if you want to find out the latest news, tips and tricks for Windows, W7 Phone, Google, etc follow her she all over the place!


There are so many more I could include and hopefully next time around I will be feeling better and get to include them as well!


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