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More of The Same, But Different!

Posted by foreualways on June 10, 2011

It seems when I post a personal blog it doesn’t get as much attention as when I post a blog about Sony being hacked, or a virus on the Mac’s and things of that kind of stuff get some attention. Now I am not looking to blog to see how many readers, ‘Likes’, and followers I can get. That being said, I do like the attention when I receive it!

Now my last post received the most attention, more then any of my other personal post.

So I thought I would include some new variations to the same concept of multiple people in the same picture.


My nephews and my niece, now so you know they do not have twins! I have some other idea’s in mind, and maybe I’ll get to them….

So do you like to get creative with your photo’s?

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!


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How To Create A Photo With Multiple Copies Of The Same People.

Posted by foreualways on June 3, 2011

Here some photographs that I had some fun with a few weeks ago. In the first one you can see my son and granddaughter and 2 nephews. There is only one of him, not triplets!


This can be achieved in a matter of minutes once you know how using any photo editing software that has layer masks (Photoshop $700, Photoshop Elements $100, Gimp Free, Paint.Net Free, and what I used to do this Corel Paint Shop X3 Ultimate $100 this currently is on special for $40 full version) Note; See my comment below in the comment section concerning the new pricing on this product!!!

Now this next one is my grandson and 2 nephews outside, which was even easier because the light stayed the same for each shot. The one above was a bit different because the sensor kept changing the light exposure.


In both pictures I took 3 different photos minutes if not seconds apart and then combined them using layer masks in Paint Shop Pro X3.

Here a video I did (sorry no sound – it my first video) using the picture above!

Any questions, comments or suggestions…well let me know!

Also if you would like a tutorial of this in a step by step, written format with pictures I can provide that!

This is my first video tutorial as I usually do this in a written format, so please bare with the minor mistake…Thank You!

The video was recorded with a freeware package called Cam Studio and you can read about it here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CamStudio.

Have a Great Day and Thanks for Stopping By………..

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